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Tips for good venous circulation

For light legs

Healthy lifestyle habits should be implemented while taking VEINAVITAL . 

Indeed, it is advisable to avoid all static positions, whether it is prolonged and immobile standing, sitting with legs hanging for several hours without mobilisation, important sources of heat such as prolonged exposure to the sun, hammams, saunas and hot baths, sports with a significant impact on the ground such as basketball, tennis, jogging or dancing. 

It is also advisable to raise the feet of the bed so that the blood can flow easily from the feet to the heart due to the simple play of pressure. Adjustment of the oral contraceptive will also be beneficial, as will the management of any hormonal disturbances. 

Regular muscular exercise to boost venous return by activating the various pumps, particularly the calf muscles, is recommended, as is the fight against excess weight.

To limit haemorrhoidal discomfort

It is advisable to consume vegetable fibres to avoid constipation, dried fruit, and to choose laxative fruits such as melon, kiwi, cooked apples and spinach. Also favour pasta, wholemeal bread and non-alcoholic drinks. Avoid rice, bananas and cooked carrots, chocolate, strong spices that increase pain, coffee, alcohol that congests the vessels. Sports are recommended but avoid those that put pressure on the haemorrhoidal system (cycling, horse riding). Wear loose-fitting clothing.

To combat menstrual pain or endometriosis

Place a hot water bottle on your belly, take a hot bath, the heat will help you relax the uterine muscles. Put your hands on your belly and squeeze it every 6-8 seconds for 5 minutes until you feel local heat. Get regular physical activity. This helps to activate the circulation in the lower abdomen. Limit tea and coffee, tobacco and alcohol. The use of yoga and relaxation is also useful.