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Memory problems and phosphatidylserine

Cognito Mémoire dietary supplement

Improve your memory by 40 to 48% in three months!

Yes, keeping a good memory is obviously essential. Recognising names, places and faces, searching for known information, retaining new information: everyone knows that this is no easy task! Cognito will be the perfect ally to help you to have a better concentration and a good memorization, ideal for students in exam period, active people or seniors!

memory disorders

Answers specifically adapted to memory problems

During its work on memory ageing, the laboratory Effi-Science noted that the food supplements generally available do not provide answers specifically adapted to the problem of memory.


In this field, priority is given to superficial effects on vitality and concentration, neglecting brain and memory processes. It should be noted here that drugs treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease - that serious memory disease - are strictly reserved for this pathology. They are not suitable for the simple and common age-related memory problems that are not related to the disease.


These daily memory deficits can be reabsorbed by phosphatidylserine, a natural solution providing visible improvements in well-being, comfort and social life. Phosphatidylserine is the only natural molecule that benefits from numerous clinical studies showing a significant improvement in cognitive and behavioural performance, and particularly in memory. Its use is entirely devoid of side effects. Neuronal exchanges undergo a significant loss of quality due to the ageing of their membranes.


This iswhy Effi-Science has chosen to focus on improving the quality of neuronal membranes by providing phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine, as a natural phospholipid constituent of the cell membranes of neurons, activates exchanges between neurons, thus combating their ageing. and memory problems Overall and day-to-day memorization and concentration improve, and confidence in memory abilities returns, as proven by numerous clinical studies on phosphatidylserine

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Cognito, a formulation suitable for everyone

To keep a good memory at any age

Cognito with Phosphatidylserine (100 mg per capsule).

Recommended for a minimum of 3 months (1 capsule per day).

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