Boswellia, soothe your joint pain

What is Boswellia?

AKBA, a standardised plant extract of boswellia serrata, helps to soothe very sensitive joints.

Resinous extracts from the boswellia serrata tree have been used in the treatment of joint inflammation since the dawn of time.


The founding books of the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda ("science of life" in ancient Sanskrit) refer to boswellia serrata. This plant extract has been part of the traditional pharmacopoeia for over 4000 years...


Some plants make their own natural defences to protect themselves from predators, parasites and diseases. In the course of evolution, plants with high levels of such protective organic compounds become more adapted. This is part of the ongoing interactions that take place in nature between predator and prey.


Insects evolve in their ability to digest plant toxins, while plants develop more potent compounds that allow them to keep predators at bay.


Scientists have discovered that many compounds produced by plants and their roots do indeed prevent insect attacks, but more importantly provide health benefits to the plant itself, as well as to the animals and humans who ingest them. Traditional cultures create their own botanical pharmacopoeias and the medicinal knowledge of the remedies has been passed down through generations of healers. Ethnobotany is the study of the local use of plants.


Through the use of sophisticated laboratory tests, biologists are analysing the composition of many native plants from around the world, and some of their metabolites are becoming research candidates.

Current scientific research is taking a close interest in boswellia serrata, after it was discovered that its resin contains powerful antioxidants, the boswellic acids. One variety of these boswellic acids has a particularly beneficial effect on painful joint inflammatory phenomena: it is called Acetyl-11-Keto Boswellic Acid, or AKBA. The first clinical studies on boswellia serrata resins rich in boswellic acids and especially in AKBA show a particularly promising interest in relieving very sensitive joints. Boswellia serrata is also said to have a protective effect on the digestive system.

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