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Cartilamine 1500 est un complément alimentaire naturel contenant 1500mg de glucosamine sulfate, par tablette, il est conseillé en cas de gêne articulaire régulière, mais sans gêne exagérée.

La glucosamine est un composé naturellement présent dans notre corps, qui joue un rôle important dans la formation et la réparation du cartilage. Avec l’âge, sa production diminue, ce qui peut entrainer une détérioration du cartilage et des problèmes articulaires tels que l’arthrose.

En prenant un supplément de 1500mg de glucosamine, vous protégez vos articulations contre les dommages et les douleurs en maintenant la structure et en arrêtant la dégradation du cartilage.

Dans 80% des cas, 1500 mg de sulfate de Glucosamine par jour sera suffisant, comme dans Cartilamine 1500.

Si la dégradation de votre cartilage est plus avancée et/ou les douleurs plus intenses, l’association de 1500mg de glucosamine et 1200mg de chondroïtine, comme dans Cartilamine Chondro, sera la solution à privilégier.

Contient des produits dérivés de carapaces de crustacés. Ne pas administrer à des personnes présentant une hypersensibilité connue.

Toutes les études avec le Sulfate de Glucosamine sont à 1500mg/jour*, en prendre moins est inefficace. 

Cartilamine 1500 – 1 mois
1 month, 30 tablets of 1500 mg glucosamine
Cartilamine 1500 – 3 mois
3 months, 90 tablets of 1500 mg glucosamine
Cartilamine 1500 – 6 mois + 1 mois OFFERT
6 mois + 1 mois offerts, 210 tablettes de 1500mg glucosamine
Cartilamine 1500 – 12 mois + 3 mois OFFERTS
12 mois + 3 mois offerts, 450 tablettes de 1500mg glucosamine


What can be expected from taking 1500 mg/d of Glucosamine Sulphate?



Composition :
Ingrédients : Sulfate de glucosamine 2KCL 1500mg, acide ascorbique*
Additifs : agent d’enrobage: povidone, talc, agent de charge: cellulose microcristalline, stabilisant: crospovidone, anti-agglomérant: magnésium stéarate.

Cartilamine 1500 is recommended in cases of regular joint discomfort, due to established or severe osteoarthritis, but without exaggerated discomfort. In most cases, 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate per day will be the recommended solution.

*15% des AJR en vitamine C

Nos recommandations :
L’efficacité de nos compléments alimentaires dépend d’un bon dosage, élaboré scientifiquement. Toutes les études sur la Glucosamine impliquent un dosage précis pour obtenir les résultats publiés.


Veillez bien au respect de ces normes, en effet tout dosage inférieur à ces recommandations n’a aucune efficacité démontrée et votre cure deviendra inutile :
• pour le Sulfate de Glucosamine, 1500 mg par jour sont impératifs (AJR Apport Journalier recommandé)


Be aware of the dosages that are offered at a price that seems attractive to you. A dosage of 750 mg glucosamine means that you will need to take 2 capsules or tablets per day, which is 15 days for a box of 30 tablets. With a 1500 mg tablet for one day, your box of 30 tablets will last for 1 month, i.e. twice as long.


All our formulations are based on respect for these internationally recognised values.


Conseils d’utilisation et durée de la cure :
Prendre 1 tablette / jour, avec un verre d’eau au moment d’un repas.
La durée de la cure est de 3 mois minimum. Il est conseillé de poursuivre le traitement en continu sur le long terme.

Les études d’efficacité montrent les pleins effets de la prise de 1500mg de glucosamine, par jour,  de 3 à 8 ans de traitement, mais les premiers effets bénéfiques se font ressentir à partir de 3semaines.


Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes, à l’enfant de moins de 15ans, et aux personnes présentant une hypersensibilité aux crustacés.

Avis (24)

24 avis pour Cartilamine 1500

  1. Momo - –

    my knee didn't hurt at all in 15 days.

  2. Karine - –

    I have been taking it for 3 months now and it is great! I recommend

  3. Matt_38000 - –

    I was taking another supplement before with glucosamine and other things but it only had 1000mg of glucosamine. A friend recommended this product to me and I've been taking it for 15 days now and I'm really happy because for once I can really feel the effects! I have ordered a course of cartilamine chondro to test it out as well. But I recommend it 100%!

  4. seek06 - –

    You have to wait a good month to feel the effect, and when you continue the desired effect is really there. It's great, I'm satisfied.

  5. Cathie - –

    My husband, who did not want to take anything for his knees, has noticed a good improvement in mobility. He is satisfied. To be continued

  6. Rudy - –

    I am a sportsman (running, cycling, muscle building) and my joints take a lot of punishment! A friend recommended this supplement to protect my joints, I take it as a cure and I feel a clear improvement.

  7. Céline - –

    I recommend cartilamine to my patients and have been taking it myself as a cure for the past 5 years.

  8. Christine - –

    Good food supplement! It has a long lasting effect on my shoulder tendonitis, I was only taking anti inflammatory drugs before and I had a lot of stomach pain. Now I only take cartilamine and I don't need anti inflammatory drugs anymore! My stomach and I thank you! Have a nice day.

  9. Frederique - –

    I am 57 years old, I discovered this product via my pharmacist and I am very satisfied after 2 months of treatment my knees hurt much less, so much so that I have come to make my first comment for an online purchase. Congratulations on the 1500mg dosage of Glucosamine, it's less restrictive than taking 4 or 5 tablets a day!
    Very kind regards!

  10. NANAR - –

    I have been using cartilamine for 20 years, a few years after a tibial osteotomy on my left leg followed by a half prosthesis on my right leg, which the surgeon said would last 7 to 8 years. I am convinced that cartilamine has something to do with it. This is true and verifiable.

  11. bruno - –

    Hello, I am on my fourth month of treatment and I am coming back because I used to spend nights not sleeping because of pain in my shoulders, I recommend it and will continue for the long term.

  12. Geneviève (confirmed customer) - –

    I have been combining CARTILAMINE 1500 with STRUCTUM (a drug that is no longer reimbursed...) for almost 10 years on the advice of my rheumatologist.
    I could not bend a knee. I walk as I did before and I tell everyone about it because I am so happy with this product that I couldn't do without!
    Thank you to this laboratory.

  13. FREDERIC (confirmed customer) - –

    I do two 3-month cures during the year. This product is really great and greatly reduces joint pain (and blockages).
    I have been using it for a long time now and it is really good. I am very satisfied with the product and the service. I am very satisfied with this purchase on this site.

  14. christine - –

    It is revolutionary and I highly recommend it!

  15. cat - –

    I have been using it for years and I suffer from deforming arthritis of the fingers. I am no longer awakened by the pain, I work normally, there are still irreversible deformations but I live
    but I live well!

  16. hsergio - –

    I have just finished my second month and my knee pain has practically disappeared and I am less apprehensive about going down or climbing stairs.
    On a general level, I feel some residual discomfort, but it is very slight and I am thinking about continuing with cartilamine condro.

  17. SERGIO - –

    I have been using this product for 45 days now and I have to say that after 15 days the positive effects were felt as I was going up and down the stairs without any pain.
    I am continuing the 3 month treatment but I think I would continue anyway as it is such a relief!

  18. Lina - –

    I have enormous problems with arthritis all over my body, particularly in my lumbar region. A pharmacist advised me to take CARTILAMINE . I took a 3-month course of treatment. I felt an improvement in the tendons which caused me difficulty in walking. Two weeks ago, I finished my 3 month treatment and my problems seem to be coming back! I think I will takeCartilamineall year round!

  19. Philippe (confirmed customer) - –

    In a little over a month of regular use, the morning pains and "creaking" have almost disappeared...
    So, a big "thank you", I continue!

  20. yveline - –

    after having had an arthrosis attack, having had 2 infiltrations, the pain persists, and we must make a pilgrimage at the end of February, I fall on the site and I order 3 months of treatment, at the end of 15 days, the pain disappeared and on February 25, 2013, we leave on the way, I hiked 700km without pain, it is super, I recommended it for 3 months in case the pain returns, thank you for the treatment of Cartiline 1500mg

  21. yveline (confirmed customer) - –

    I took cartilamine after 15 days of use I had no more pain in my knee I left on the way of Compostelle, I hiked 700km without having pain, thank you, I spoke about it to my friends and relatives. In December I could not put my foot on the ground.
    Before I had 2 infiltrations and I always had a discomfort and a pain

  22. soiesatin - –

    I have been taking Cartilamine 1500 mg for a little over a month now and I can feel the super beneficial effects. My sore wrists are finally soothed and have regained almost normal mobility. I am going to continue taking Cartilamine, everything to gain... THANK YOU for its benefits...

  23. dedzu - –

    For years I had pain in my right wrist. After 3 months of treatment the pain has TOTALLY disappeared!

  24. Edmond - –

    After doing a lot of research I came across the site. I asked them questions, they took the time to answer me accurately and explain the benefits of their product compared to the competitors. I haven't tried any others and I don't see why I should, I'm happy with the service attitude and the price.

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