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Veinavital helps to limit the sensations of venous insufficiency (heavy legs, fatigue, swelling), haemorrhoids, menstrual pain and the pain of endometriosis. This food supplement is suitable for vegans.

Veinavital - 1 month
1 month, 30 capsules
Veinavital - 3 months
3 months, 90 capsules
Veinavital - 6 months
6 months, 180 capsules
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What sets VEINAVITAL apart from other vein supplements is its high concentration of ruscus. Ruscus is particularly effective in strengthening the tone of the venous wall (especially the micro-vessels). What's more, it is combined with other components, also highly dosed, which have equally beneficial effects on the vein wall.


This combination of four herbs therefore acts on the pain receptors in the cells of the venous walls in different ways, thereby reinforcing its impact on symptoms, particularly leg heaviness. This combination has also proved highly effective in patients describing painful periods or suffering from endometriosis, hemorrhoids and/or fluid retention.


The combination of plants contained in the capsule associated with vitamin C helps to limit the sensations of venous insufficiency (heavy legs, fatigue, swelling), haemorrhoids, menstrual pain and the pain of endometriosis.


This food supplement is suitable for vegans.


Composition (per capsule) :
Holly (Ruscus) >> 150mg
Red vine leaf >> 100mg
Horse chestnut >> 80mg
Witch hazel >> 60mg
Vitamin C >> 12mg

(ruscus aculeatus) titrated to 10% ruscogenin + 100mg viniferal red fitis vine leaf extract which contributes to good blood circulation Thickener: HPMC E464, 80mg horse chestnut extract (Aesculus hippocastanum) titrated to 10% faescin which contributes to toning circulation 60mg Hamamelis extract (Hamamelis virgiana). Bulking agent: Microcrystalline cellulose. 12mg Vitamin C, which contributes to collagen formation to ensure normal blood vessel function. Anti-caking agent: colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate 15% recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Dosage: the recommended dose is 1 capsule per day, preferably in the morning. In case of more intense symptoms a dose of two capsules in the morning for 8 days is recommended.


Minimum duration of treatment: 3 months.

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13 reviews for Veinavital

  1. TREHET (confirmed customer) - –

    VEINAVITAL your daily ally 😍
    Helps improve blood circulation, but also acts on water retention. Pure pleasure. Legs are light, not painful, drained and the dimpled appearance of my skin has diminished👌This dietary supplement has also brought me significant menstrual comfort as this monthly period is generally very difficult to live with but "Que nenni" with this complex of 5 ingredients 💕💖
    I strongly thank the @esciences_officiel team for allowing me to discover this little nugget that only wants my well-being 👌💕💖💋

  2. Vzlore_tests (confirmed customer) - –

    I am satisfied with this dietary supplement. I've noticed a marked improvement in my water retention. I appreciate the action it has during menstruation, as I feel less pain and swelling.

  3. Nassima Ben - –

    Delighted with this product, it really does help with sandun9 circulation, soothes period pains too and legs are relieved.

  4. Valérie (confirmed customer) - –

    My job involves a lot of walking and I have poor venous and lymphatic circulation, so this product gives me relief day after day. It helps a lot with drainage and my legs feel lighter.
    In the evening, when I went to bed, my legs felt heavy and tingling, and I had trouble falling asleep. Since I've been taking this product, all these inconveniences are over, and I fall asleep without turning over several times because of my legs.

  5. Jennifer (confirmed customer) - –

    A top-notch treatment that really relieved my legs! I saw clear results very quickly and I recommend it ☺️

  6. Miremont (confirmed customer) - –

    Super supplement that I highly recommend for blood circulation and I no longer had heavy legs or pain. I also recommend it for drainage (water retention).

  7. Nicolas (confirmed customer) - –

    Hello, I used these capsules for 1 month as specified in the dosage. I have not seen any improvement in the swelling of my legs. On the other hand, the effect of heavy legs and pain has clearly diminished. I recommend it.

  8. De velaer (confirmed customer) - –

    Quite a rapid improvement, after days on my feet non-stop, my legs hurt less and my veins are less swollen.
    I recommend

  9. Stevens (confirmed customer) - –

    Veinavital is beneficial for my legs, which feel lighter and less swollen.
    Less aches and pains, which is really important when you're on your feet all day long (etant6).

  10. Osiecki (confirmed customer) - –

    Very good product. Very effective. I don't use it anymore, both for my heavy legs and my pelvic pain. Thank you very much!

  11. Steffy (confirmed customer) - –

    Great for water retention (my main concern) no more pain or swelling despite the heat.

  12. Steffy (confirmed customer) - –

    Suitable for my teenager who often has pain before and during her period, and it's great to be able to use herbs to avoid pain and reduce discomfort! Good value for money

  13. Steffy (confirmed customer) - –

    Good product for blood circulation, no more aches and pains. Highly recommend it.

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