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Transparent face shield Designed to be worn on the head, without interfering with the wearing of personal eyewear or even a protective mask.

Protective visor - 1 protective visor
Protective visor - Set of 2 protective visors
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Transparent face shield consisting of:
1. A headband with notches and an attachment system
2. A comfort foam
3. A visor made of Polycarbonate or PET with a thickness between 5/10 and 8/10

It is designed to be worn on the head without interfering with the wearing of personal goggles or even a protective mask.

Anti-fogging treatment EN 166 category 1 As part of the COVID 19 epidemic, it has been adopted by a number of hospitals and various trades as a complement to approved masks.

Precautions for use :

- The device should be cleaned after each use and stored in a clean, closed area between uses. Cleaning can be done with bleach, soapy water or usual cleaning products (respecting the contact time indicated), gloves must be worn during this operation.
- Do not use solvents for this cleaning. - Finally, the above recommendations do not apply to the medical sector, which has specific protocols.


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  1. John Paul - –

    Received quickly, protective film to remove, very good resistance and light!

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