The Cognito range for memory problems

To help you keep a good memory at any age, COGNITO dietary supplement contains phosphatidylserine of natural origin, a phospholipid extracted from soya lecithin guaranteed without GMO.


The laboratory Effi-Science has introduced phosphatidylserine to pharmacies in France where COGNITO has been available since 1999. COGNITO is a pharmaceutical quality product, manufactured in France and Germany, in accordance with European regulations.


COGNITO provides the nerve cells with the phosphatidylserine which is essential for the proper functioning of the memory. COGNITO is presented in the form of capsules containing 100 mg of phosphatidylserine, of vegetable origin.

Cognito: A good memory at any age

Cognito Mémoire dietary supplement


COGNITO® phosphatidylserine 100 mg

Public: Students in exam periods, working people and the elderly.


COGNITO® is a food supplement that activates the neurotransmitters of memory. It is particularly rich in phosphatidylserine, the only phospholipid that acts simultaneously on 3 key levels of memory: 


- Improvement of exchanges between neurons 

- Increased glucose metabolism 

- Preservation of the density of dendritic connections

In addition, thanks to the B vitamins and zinc contained in the capsules, cognito memory reduces stress and fatigue.


Its clinically demonstrated memory-activating effect in the elderly, without any adverse effects. 


By maintaining the quality of the neuronal membranes and slowing down their ageing process, COGNITO® will be a perfect ally for your memory.

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