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VEINAVITAL, for whom?

natural food supplement veinavital blood circulation

5 actions for your venous well-being

- Light legs

- Participates in the proper functioning of venous and lymphatic circulation

- Drainage aid

- Menstrual comfort

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Heavy legs, varicose veins, cramps

I am young, my legs are heavy and tired at the end of the day and sometimes feel swollen.

Your discomfort is related to blood stasis in the micro-vessels. The pain receptors in the vein walls transmit this information (stasis) to your nerve centres, creating this feeling. Veinavital, via the plants it contains, will help to inhibit the transmission of this information. Your discomfort will therefore be reduced.

I am young, I do sport but I feel tired during or after the effort.

During exercise, the muscles consume oxygen, which is brought into the bloodstream by red blood cells in large quantities through the arteries. Once used, this oxygen-poor blood is taken over by the veins and carried back to the heart and lungs where it is enriched with oxygen. The slightest venous dysfunction will lead to a stagnation of this oxygen-poor blood in the feet and calves, particularly in the microvessels. 

It is therefore advisable to stimulate them by taking venavital, which tends to strengthen their walls. Sports compression sleeves can also be worn.

I don't have any particular discomfort, but I have lots of small veins visible on my legs.

These small veins (varicosities, telangiectasias) will not go away with the intake of Veinavital but their development can be slowed down because of the reinforcement of the vessel walls which will limit their bursting.

I have had visible varicose veins for some years now, which are quite developed and swollen (oedemas).

In addition to the compression treatment and the treatment by sclerotherapy or surgery that your angiologist specialist will advise you, taking Veinavital will strengthen the tone of the microvessel walls and will tend to limit the impact of your venous insufficiency on the discomfort you feel (heaviness, pain, oedema, etc.)

I am elderly and have had many venous problems all my life.

With age, the tone of the veins tends to decrease, which is a normal process. It is therefore very appropriate to take Veinavital to strengthen this weakened tone, particularly that of the small superficial veins which can break with time. Good skin hydration is also recommended.


I have a small, non-painful haemorrhoid. I have had a haemorrhoid for some time and I am starting to feel uncomfortable.

In both cases, taking Veinavital will help. Haemorrhoids are a kind of anal varicose veins, i.e. dilated veins whose function is disturbed. After the age of 50, it affects about one adult in two. The main causes are age-related reduction in the tone of the vein walls, pregnancy and chronic constipation. This leads to discomfort, itching, pain, burning... Sometimes there is local bleeding. 

Veinavital, due to its properties, will reduce pain, re-tone the venous walls, limit the risk of a thrombus (clot) forming due to a significant dilation of the vessel. Whatever the stage, a feeling of relief will be present.

I have a hemorrhoidal induration and I am in a lot of pain.

You probably have a haemorrhoidal thrombosis; at this stage it is strongly advised to consult your doctor. 

Veinavital can help you to tolerate the pain better while waiting for this consultation by decongesting the area.


J’ai des douleurs au moment de mes règles.

About 80% of women of childbearing age may experience menstrual pain. 5-15% of them are bothered to the extent that they have to change their lifestyle. It is therefore an important public health problem. This pain can be present from adolescence to the menopause. The pain is linked to the contraction of the uterus in order to evacuate the endometrium, the most superficial intra-uterine cell layer, which is very richly vascularised at the beginning of the cycle in order to be ready to receive a possible embryo. 


If fertilisation does not occur, the endometrium must be removed (menstruation, menstruation). These uterine contractures cause inflammation and local congestion of all tissues including the vessels in the endometrium. This impact on the venous walls, reinforced by the hormonal impact, will be strongly attenuated by Veinavital, which re-conditions and decongests the venous walls. Due to its vasoconstrictive properties, Veinavital can also limit the abundance of menstruation.

I have endometriosis.

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease and you should consult a gynaecologist. It affects approximately one woman in 10 in France. The endometrium is evacuated during each cycle if there is no fertilisation and implantation (embryo in the uterus). A large part of the destroyed endometrium is evacuated vaginally but a small part is evacuated through the fallopian tubes before being eliminated by the body. 


Sometimes, this elimination does not take place and the residual endometrium develops wherever it is in the abdomen (intestine, rectum, vagina...); this endometrium being richly vascularised, and strongly inflamed (since it evolves against nature), Veinavital will relieve the pain felt by limiting the reaction of the pain receptors situated in the walls of the endometrial veins and by decongesting them. The bleeding that may occur will tend to be limited due to its venotonic and vasoconstrictor action.