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Our range of natural teas

Discover the pure essence of nature with every sip: our range of natural teas transports you to a world of exquisite flavours and perfect balance. Carefully selected ingredients, from the sweet fragrance of a delicate white tea to the refreshing intensity of a vibrant green tea, savor every sip and let our natural teas awaken your senses, for unforgettable moments of well-being...

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PROMO VEINAVITAL food supplement packaging

Veinavital helps to limit the sensations of venous insufficiency (heavy legs, fatigue, swelling), haemorrhoids, menstrual pain and the pain of endometriosis.

From 11,90
PROMO Box of Cartilamine 1500

Cartilamine 1500 is a natural dietary supplement containing 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate, per tablet, and is recommended in case of joint discomfort.

From 9,90
PROMO cartilamine-chondro-boîte-de-60-tablettes

Discover the power of Cartilamine Chondro for healthy joints! You deserve a life free of stress and joint pain.

From 21,90
Cognito memory food supplement

Cognito Mémoire is a natural, non-GMO soy-based supplement specifically formulated to help improve concentration and memory performance.

From 22,00
Dietary supplement for fragile joints
Osteoarthritis, joint problems

Joint discomfort and sensitive joints?

CARTILAMINE 1500 and CARTILAMINE CHONDRO are dietary supplements that help soothe sensitive joints and maintain joint mobility. Cartilamine is based on glucosamine of crustacean or plant origin, and chondroitin, to be taken as a single dose or in combination, particularly forosteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis).

memory problems

Memory, concentration problems?
Solutions exist.

COGNITO is a food supplement that helps to keep a good memory at any age. It is based on PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE of plant origin which helps to preserve memory at any age.

Cognito memory
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