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Helping the veins

Chronic venous disease is one of the most common diseases in industrialised countries. In France, 20 million people (about 2/3 women and 1/3 men) suffer from advanced stages of the disease.


Given its enormous socio-economic impact, it needs to be addressed.


In addition to specific therapeutic treatments (surgery, thermal probes, sclerotherapy) aimed at destroying the diseased veins and reserved for the most advanced stages of the disease, elastic medical compression (compression stockings) is often insufficiently effective because it is not worn enough (30% compliance in terms of regularity of wear) or is ill-adapted (materials not suitable for patients, poor measurements, skin intolerance to the components) 


Plants have an important place in the overall therapeutic approach to combat the clinical manifestations of the scourge of chronic venous insufficiency, in particular by limiting the impact of venous stasis on the microcirculation which is at the root of all the symptoms of this disease.


Due to its very complete and highly dosed composition, Veinavital will largely tone and protect the walls of the micro-vessels and limit oedema and inflammation of the vein wall.

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5 actions for your venous well-being

- Light legs

- Participates in the proper functioning of venous and lymphatic circulation

- Drainage aid 

- Menstrual comfort

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