Our laboratory's approach

The laboratory E-sciences (and its brand Effi-Science) was founded 22 years ago on a simple idea: the desire to bring more well-being to patients with natural formulas with scientifically proven effects.


Since the beginning, our work has consisted of searching for the most effective formulations, testing them and having them approved by the medical and scientific community, and above all improving them according to the results of new published studies.


This is a long-term approach that requires significant research and development efforts, but it is thanks to this precise methodology that we are able to recommend the right formulations.

The success of Cartilamine is one of our most telling results. It is now considered the reference in France for single-take Glucosamine. All our products are food supplements based on scientific evidence.

Today, the Laboratory E-Sciences SA owns the brands Effi-Science, Cartilamine and Cognito.

laboratory e-sciences

Scientifically recognised know-how

Effi-Science was one of the first to market Glucosamine and Phosphatidylserine in France. At the time, these molecules were enjoying emerging results thanks to international scientific studies. We decided to invest in this field by presenting these results to the French medical profession.

We were the first to make French doctors aware of the effectiveness of these molecules. Today, this investment is largely rewarded since thousands of doctors and pharmacists recommend our food supplements.

However,Effi-Science 's aim is to keep abreast of the publication of new molecules in order to select them to improve our formulations.

The information provided on our site is intended to enhance, not replace, the relationship between the patient (or site visitor) and their doctor and/or pharmacist. It is not intended to provide a diagnosis, we recommend that you seek advice from a doctor and/or pharmacist.


Effi-Science, specialist in food supplements

The purpose of a food supplement (also called a nutritional supplement) is to increase the body's availability of certain substances normally provided by the diet (which may be nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

A food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and diversified diet, nor for medical treatment and adequate therapeutic care. A dietary supplement should be considered as an aid that can be useful, in addition to adequate hygienic and dietary, medical and therapeutic measures.

Food supplements are not reimbursed by social security. A food supplement is not a miracle product. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.